Alchemy - Radiance And Harmony Manual For The Adept Spiritual Seekers

An Alchemical Radiance And Harmony Manual For The Adept Spiritual Seekers:

When we come out through our spiritual surrender after resisting our process and draining our lifeforce with our egoic persistence and finally step into radiance in perpetual surrender, we find by remaining in our self love and letting go off what and who has weighed us down in our process we start to shine a newfound light from within. This is spiritual radiance. The thing is we often are not aware of how things or people way us down or take our light and lifeforce, how we finance our time and energy becomes of utmost importance, not all that feels good is of the good and not all that feels bad is bad. This is when spiritual discernment becomes of utmost importance.

When I entered my radiance fully summer 2016 I noticed a lot of females and even some males started flocking around me like moths to a flame wanting my energy and light and it did not feel good, they wanted more than I wanted to give.

If I were to give them all they wanted and consistently wanted to gain and mostly for free I would have no energy left for myself and the things I wanted to accomplish in my own personal process of alchemy, self care and finance of energy became detrimental.

Most of all , I noticed these people did not feed their own light, they wanted what I had gained, but did not know how to get it. By me giving them too much of my light, the intentions behind their lavishing attention certainly did not feel good.

Whereas before it was something I craved deeply, but in my connection to myself I found I craved less attention. It was also connection and not attention they also wanted, but they all wanted to connect to me, rather than connect to themselves or learn how to connect to themselves and feed their own light and the only way they knew how to somewhat feel connected was through my attention.

Disconnection craves attention, Connection craves nothing, eventually not even stimulants as we grow in our connection to Source and our true self.

I noticed my own light and radiance quickly faded, so I started observing those who were able to maintain their radiance well who were further along me on the path.

They still shone their light, but they financed it well and they did not get sucked dry like I felt like I was being. After some thorough observation of others on the same path and my own process and what was going on in my field I made a video on tips for when you enter radiance so you can better guard your radiance from those who don't feed their own light as this is not a fair energy exchange that feels good and benefits your own journey to balance and harmony within and without in your process of alchemy.And so you stagnate. As need for attention is lack of connection. The Soul Alchemist - Tips For When You Enter Radiance:

I also became very aware of the twin flame teachers who are not in their spiritual sovereignty depleting their radiance by giving away too much of their inner light without also feeding their own light. Spiritual radiance is a natural byproduct of spiritual sovereignty which comes from spiritual accountability and spiritual maturity.

Unless we have begun on our spiritual maturity, none of these things will appear in our process. If you want to learn more about this I refer to my last two previous articles on alchemy and the 12 chakra system. Ascension is chakra health, chakra health is a healthy and optimal endocrine system as each of your 12 chakras are directly linked to the glands and organs in your body, this is a result of full physical health. In other words we will not ascend and rise in vibration if our health is poor.

Going to the doctor for medication and taking pills instead of eating right, exercising and so on, is also a sign of spiritual immaturity. Once more I refer to my earlier work and videos.

I love this quote, it can mean two things to me, first it means you feed your own light, second it means we don't need another's light or reflection to truly shine,

but it also means we know how to finance our light and once released,

that is about all the bio-feedback of our own energy where we once did reply to every bit of correspondence online as it felt good with all the attention,

it now feels less than sustainable and detrimental to our vitality and lifeforce to

not give as much of ourselves as we once did. This is self care and self love.

Not everyone who is in your circle is to your benefit and discernment and finance of your time, energy and communication becomes of utmost importance.

Cocooning often is extremely important to a cosmic butterfly in rebirth.

As this is when we get our alchemical juices and priomordial oozes bubbling and flowing and generating more lifeforce for our own vitality, metamorphosis and radiance.

Radiance is a result of having good prana and accessing it as often as you can. Deep good breaths into the abdomen as often as you can and reducing stress and people and places that deplete you is of utmost importance. Many of us turn into hermits at this stage in our process of alchemy and it is only natural as we are learning how to finance our time and energy and set healthy boundaries of how much we want to give, should give and how much we need ourselves and our own light more than the light of another as it truly is not the light we seek, nor is it the light that is beneficial to us.

And so we gain our center back and become better co-creators and manifestors of what we want as we keep more focus on ourselves and that which we truly want. This is when our emerald heart is forming and we start attracting easily what we want like it is second nature to us and by staying in our own vibration we see this come through much faster than being with the crowd that basks in our light.

We feel the need to hone and cultivate our talents and gifts as we see the creative energy and process assists us in manifesting our goals easier and our alchemical process unfolds with much more ease. For me personally I started taking up old talents again I had put in my backpack for ages.

In cocooning I found clarity turns into lucidity as we often can't see the forest for the trees and so the light starts shining through with more ease through the trees.

Break through your own self imposed barriers and seek your highest version of yourself at this time, let go off the masks and identity you so strongly have held onto, you are more than the name you hold, more than the body you inhabit and more than ideas and beliefs you have of yourself. It is in your most vulnerable moments you will be proven who you are and how far you have come in your process of alchemy and your integrity will be of utmost importance to you.

The time to try to be something you are is crumbling away from you and it might seems scary but in all reality it is setting you free to be the true you. As you step in to your true self, there will be people in awe and people in envy as you leave them behind where you once were and they cannot come along as they do not feed their own light. Those that feed their own light are noticing your rise and will you will see them make contact and connect to you.

Those you surround yourself is a true reflection of where you are at on your path as well as those who fall away. Let those who fall away do so, if you want to fly.

Let those who wishes to see you rise take their place.

You cannot step into the new if you hold on to the old

and this include toxic people and places.

Be mindful and learn to observe well what is most beneficial to you,

this is not selfishness, but self preservation which at this point has become of the utmost importance. Each phase and stage is different and demands a new you,

a new approach and also new people and places as we outgrow the things who no longer offers improvement to us, this is so we can grow into better and new and improved version of ourselves.

Our true self is often found beyond the unknown and most often in that which we fear the most. Give yourself space to explore the frontiers of the true self and make your way there in joy and play

as the inner child holds the key to excavating the true self.

To utilize the inner child fully, it needs to have been placed in healing and under protection, nurture and guidance from higher self

or the divine parent of your authentic self. To be authentic we need to not be afraid of abandonment, rejection and judgement.

If we are we will see our authentic expression shiver in our voice.

Balanced meridians and chakras will then be more important than ever before to the unfoldment of your true state, your soul essence.

Recognize those who have been your masters, mentors and guides at this time and show them your gratitude and appreciation.

Most feel naturally inclined to pay it forward at this point and openly share more of their journey and speaking to a crowd rather than one on one interaction feels more and more natural and beneficial to us as it also helps us finance our time and energy better and reach more people. Which is why I choose to make videos, articles instead of counseling or sharing energy in my inbox as much as I find the energy exchange being more exhausting and less beneficial in that way. Most of all because fewer and fewer will be able to meet you in your energy and consciousness and so it becomes more and more of a drain to your energy as you move up in dimension and vibration. Some will think you are coming from ego, but those who resonate with where you are at will eventually find you as we tend to attract those of similar vibration and consciousness for the purpose of perspective, growth and community. Know that this is ok and for your highest benefit. It will also be a testament to your own process. You are now able to hold more of your higher self in your physical manifestation of self (I prefer to not call it lower self, there is nothing lower about you). Ascension means two things, it means of course ascending upwards in frequency, density, vibration and dimension, which we do by nourishing our mind, body and spirit holistically,

but it also means descending our higher self, god self, true self into our physical body which we do by connecting to our higher self on a daily basis and eventually becomes effortless and our natural state of being. Sometimes we may find we take one or even two steps back, but don't despair, it is always followed by taking two or three steps forward if we allow it and don't get too hard on ourselves.

For me myself and most of those I observe within my immediate soul family I see we are very often too hard on ourselves when it comes to discipline and where we thought we would and wished we would be by now. However the process unfolds as it is meant to and trusting in the higher self is vital to your alchemical unfoldment.

Some will applaud your process, others will clench their fist wishing to take you down as you take to your spiritual throne and become crowned by all of creation, duality is still very much present in the 3D world and not all those who smile to you and flatter you are your friends and we are not free of the experience of polarity even though we have risen above and stepped into trinity consciousness standing at the center of our creation. This is the place of true co creation.

You have become the center of creation, the pillar of light,

a true spiritual beacon and some still fear the light and the darkness always comes to test us, with each new level there is a new boss.

See videogames to get the metaphor. This is an earthgame and we incarnated here to become gamemasters as written and channeled by Barbara Marciniak in her famous works.

Being a gamemaster, means staying in the middle observing both ends of the spectrum with neutrality in observation and this is not judgement like the new age agenda is continuously professing and regurgitating from spiritual pacifism.

True observation is free of judgement as what is, simply is what is.

Pointing out and stating that which simply is, is observation and nothing more, nothing less. Learning the difference between Imprinting and absorbing energy is of the utmost importance and I cannot stress this enough if you want to maintain radiance and harmony within your own unified field and keep ascending.

Yes, we are empaths, but we cannot soak up everyone else's toxicity due to lack of spiritual accountability or we will not ascend ourselves.

Give only as much as you can without draining your lifeforce and vitality, make sure to guard your flame when it flickers, nourish your light when depleted and keep those around you who will not let you bullshit yourself and remove those who pull you back into old toxic patterns, beliefs, ideologies and watch yourself rise.

Dear living blueprints of alchemy,

I wish you all the best in your twin flame and ascension process,

may you live long and prosper in all your endeavors.

Ulf Haukenes - The Soul Alchemist

february 2017

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