A Call To Consciousness Towards 2020

A Call To Consciousness For The Collective of Co-Creator alchemists towards 2020

An acceleration of synchronous events, signs and guidance from the cosmos is being felt by the many as the quickening towards the split has begun and the gap between the dream of the world and the dream of the planet is increasing. Many are reporting disdain and uproar from people who once were content and well contained within the matrix. In 2020 we will see the gap of this split be so wide it will almost be impossible to jump timelines back and forth from the dream of the world and the dream of the planet. One that is toxic and chaotic and one that is peaceful and harmonious. i started feeling this split extensively last year as i was about to make some major choices in my life and i have some amazing team members that would verify this split of the two timelines i was tapping into. one i seemed to prefer that was aligned with my true self and another that was filled with misery and pain that was aligned with my toxicities and toxic choices made from my resistance to stepping into true self. I could literally feel the two various timelines as I stood in the middle and the old me and the new me fighting a battle within me, splitting into two from within.

my beloved team member thomas silver says it wonderfully,

in 2012 we were at the station and the two trains started slowly moving, in the years after we were able to jump trains back and forth and play around with our co-creations to see what was preferable and what was not and how we co-created, like training. eventually these trains speed up and it will be impossible to jump from one to the other, first within and within our personal manifestation,towards our true self or remaining within our old toxic self and programmed matrix,

but eventually also without and in our collective manifestation of the dream of the planet. and it's time to choose the train you wish to stay on. The one that leads back to the dream of the world, the toxic self, or the dream of the planet, the true self.

For some this split happens within first now and it is making them edgy, restless and confused, for others this has already happened within and navigation for them during this split will be easier, these are your wayshowers, your guides as we choose between the false self and the true self, these wayshowers have already chosen the dream of the planet as their focal point of co-creation and they have stepped into their true selves or are doing so as we speak. Embodying the future of the planet within their templates of the new earth man and new earth woman.

chakra being by Deepvivid Digital Art / Mixed Media / Psychedelic©2011-2017 Deepvivid

For many of you reading this, you will resonate with this last part, embodying more of your true selves having shed much toxicity of the dream of the world, the programming, the illusions of mankind we have been indoctrinated with from birth. For many more, who will most likely not even read this post, will find themselves in need of assistance in this chaotic time from those of you who resonate with this material. We are standing at the edge of the old paradigm and it's downfall will not be pretty, however, the bridging of the gap in our own little spheres can and will make it all the easier as we transcend the old and make way for co-creating the new. We are literally birthing the new earth through our imaginative faculty, our creation centers in our activated avatar hearts, having joined the two chakras above and below the heart center (the dimensional chakra or higher heart and the manifestation chakra or the wishing well) making one tri-fecta of a super conductive generator of co-creation. We are now embodying the avatar state, we are now manifesting on a micro and macro scale all that we can envision and all that we can tap into, feel and hold within our beingness.

This is next level for most of us co-creators and we are in growing numbers,

this template we now embody, is something we are templating the world around us with, be it through communication, vibration, frequency and consciousness in our designated locations around the world in a highly strategic grid upon incarnation. These bloodlines we incarnated into and our locations are not by mistake, but part of a grand design that will be the catalyst for major healing and change on planet earth.

We are healing the past, the present now and many future nows in this timeline, in this now. But there are however many timelines to choose from and two major timelines we are navigating as of right now. One holds the potental distasters of all mankind and one holds a future where we live harmoniously with planet earth and all it's beings. This is the timeline we incarnated from the future for, in order to make alterations to that which we have already seen come to pass. Many of you are now able to tap into your higher selves to such an extent you draw in memories, talents, traits and gifts from many or all timelines, realities and dimensions you have manifested an avatar being, like the one you are inhabiting, reading this article from right now as we speak. and you are able to pull in these things and store them within your being. like droplets of experience soaked into a sponge and dropped into your main focus of manifestation in this incarnation.

For some this future past will be a faint memory that holds little or no feeling of truth to it. for others this brings up loads of emotions as it is a memory clear as day as everything is contained within this eternal now moment. For others, they will not understand what we are talking about or even grasp the concepts of volunteering for incarnation at will, from a future to heal a future past, not yet come to pass on this timeline.

Nevertheless this is the task at hand and we are the ones we have been waiting for and now is the time, to choose your toxic self or your true self, toxic surroundings or harmonious surroundings, a toxic world or a harmonious planet, as we have to be the change we wish to see ourselves. So sit with this information presented to you and see for yourselves within your own lives, all the signs and changes, either nudging you or forcing you to make those changes within you as things are either not working out or completely collapsing around you due to bad choices and unconscious mistakes from unconscious behaviors, patterns and the choices that follow unconsciousness.

This is a call to consciousness. This is the alarm sounding off. This is your higher self trying to awaken you through any means necessary and at first it will whisper gently, then it will come knocking, then it will be banging and eventually it will stand in your living room shouting at you to awaken. So as you may have had gentle and not so gentle signals from the universe and higher self, the next alarm might be an accident we do not recover from, an overdose, great loss of any kind. Be forewarned, these are all signs from the universe you need to change direction. To awaken from the unconscious dream and start dreaming more consciously with higher self.

At first it may not seem like you will co-create that which you want, but trust me, this is your soul's greatest longing, a longing you may not yet have come to realize, but it is burning there inside you, to return to the dream of the planet and escape the dream of the world. And as you awaken more and more, you will come to see, that you are the director of your own dream, the main actor and you choose the setting, the themes and the outcome. Many of you will feel like I am talking straight to you, about you and in a way I am, as we are all connected to this planet and the outcome and through the unified field of creation,so it is imperative that we are accountable and unify in co-creation.Co-create that which you want, rather than being a victim to your own unconscious creations.

This is true spiritual accountability. Realizing that we co-create with our energy as everything is energy. in other words every thought, feeling and action that comes from within

reverberates outwards and ripples into the unified field of consciousness,

in which we can consciously or unconsciously be a part of.

meaning we are creation, experiencing itself as creation through the many co-creators of creation from the many sources of consciousness throughout the multiverses.

yes, i believe there are more than one source and even more than one multiverse, anything else would seem quite limiting in something so infinite into infinity we have but only scratched the surface of these concepts too vast to hold in human consciousness to even explore as we are by far limited in our perception through our belief systems, indoctrinations and illusions of the paradigms we stand within as of now. however, we will be quantum jumping in the times to come, with both interdimensional travellers eventually making themselves known to all of mankind through global disclosure and it will most likely not come from our governments, but from the many civilizations already inhabiting our galaxy,

biding their time as they wait for humanity to ascend enough in their vibration,

so that they can descend and meet us halfway.

and that is also very much how it is from within us, our human self must ascend in vibration for the higher self to be able to descend into our body and so the internal once more is forced to meet the external in order to bridge that which is above with that which is below. this is microcosmic and macrocosmic alchemy on a telecosmic scale.

The time is now, not only for the planet, but for us all, individually and collectively, we stand at the treshold of the future now. And it all starts within. As the old hermetic saying goes.. As above, so below, As within, so without, As soul, so the Universe..... (U n I Verse -The song of You and Eye) - Ulf Haukenes - The Soul Alchemist

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