Free Will VS. Divine Will and The Divine Parent Energy

Free Will VS. Divine Will Free will is the illusion that you are somehow in control of your experience through placing exterior force on any given event, thus pushing what you are trying to create away from you or creating unwanted results as you are not in alignment with your divine self and your divine blueprint. All connection to higher self intelligence is blocked from entering the crown chakra and be received by the self, due to the mental body being over-active with templates, patterns and programs. Divine Will is surrendering to the flow of events and giving up the need to be in control which only creates resistance which in turn creates friction, pain and blockages in your energy flow and thus creating dis-ease and ultimately having no control of your experience and your Co-Creation. Surrendering to the experience of your NOW and the divine truth of who you are, divine will and what your soul longs to create and experience for the purpose of the expansion of your soul and thus effortlessly Co Creating your experience of NOW with your divine source through your unique higher self intelligence instead of from templates, patterns and programs. - Higher self intelligence channeled through ulf haukenes 2014.

There is an energy that awakens in the Graduate Beings at some point in our process I like to call The Divine Parent Energy. This energy and consciousness is stern, yet loving, it feels compassion, yet accountability, it wants the receiver and all beings to feel loved and be loving, it wants the receiver and all beings to be held accountable and grow up.

This divine parent energy is the divine intelligence of soul expansion and evolution itself that moves us and guides us, that creates both openings and blockages in our life, where we no longer are moving forward in our soul's evolution, where we are stagnant, this energy will even go as far as putting us in danger or even killing us to make a point. If you have ever been in an "accident" or experienced severe illness you have experienced this energy trying to shift your consciousness into making better choices, more aligned with what your soul wishes to experience, more aligned with what you incarnated to experience in order to grow as a soul.

Most people on this planet do not listen to the divine parent energy and thus they enter hardship after hardship until the divine parent energy is so loud or so volatile, it leaves us terminally ill or even dead. Godsource and Higher Self does not play around when it comes to teaching us the lessons we need in order to grow, we can resist it, with lethal outcomes or we can align ourselves with the natural flow of events and see the lessons that are placed before us. The lessons are what we have signed up for in order to grow and resistance only causes friction, which in turn causes pain. Pain is an immense birthing catalyst and will birth a new you, if you surrender to it's message. It can also be the death of us, if we don't.

This is how much our soul longs to grow, this is how strong our divine blueprint is, if we do not find the song in our soul and tune into it's harmony, our life becomes one disharmonious hymn unable to be chanted and sung by the most professional singer. It becomes cell-damaging, heart wrenching, yet still remains a most valuable lesson in harmony and alignment. Many struggle with the resistance they put up towards this divine parent energy as they are not spiritually mature enough to see, that mother-father within and without knows best and they receive repremande and correction for their soul's adolescence. We can resist what our soul longs for our whole life and experience tremendous decay and confusion, how can God do this to us? we ask...

It is not God doing anything to you, it is you doing it to yourself, Godsource is neither benevolent or malevolent, it is neutral,it does not care whether you live or die, creation only wishes to experience itself in it's multitudes of expressions and that is also why both good and bad can exist in polar expression, as source creator and creation has to have both ends of the spectrum to be in it's totality, so it is with you as a co-creator in and of creation and creator. it is you making the choices co-creating from the many infinite possibilities placed before you as we all have the same potential, but we do not all make the same choices, it is our choices that defines and creates our experience, yet our choices do not define who we are as a soul, it only defines our expression in the moment we make the choice. you are free to redefine yourself and make a new choice at any and all times in every moment.

which means you can reinvent yourself time and time again, over and over if you so choose. the only thing limiting you, is you and your ideas of who you are and who you want to be and become, in this moment and every moment after. the only thing standing in our way, is our belief systems, our patterns, programs and etheric templates and these can be reprogrammed, removed in order to reinvent who we are.

we dreamt ourselves into existence and every day we dream ourselves into being who we are by our ideas, ideologies, our beliefs and belief systems, using our energy, thoughts, emotions, vibration, frequency and actions as manifesting energy to create either a lucid dream or an unconscious nightmare of a life.

and nobody is excerpt from this and the only ones to hold accountable for the co-creation and manifestations of our lives, are ultimately ourselves.

no creator, no godsource is to blame for the life we create, we were not given either a gift or a curse in this life or of this life, we created it all, from the top down from our higher selves and divine co-creator intelligence. we can either create consciously from higher self or in most cases unconsciously from our egoic self, which we see the results of in today's society.

the human collective unconscious is coming to a pivotal point, in which we as a species have to evolve now, or we as a collective will experience the detrimental result of lack of accountability in the evolutionary process, also known as extinction.

this is how evolution works, both on an individual and collective scale,

we either evolve or we devolve, decay and eventually die off, both individually in our soul's evolution and as a species.

i have written more about this and what it means on an individual as well as a collective scale in my previous article "a call to consciousness towards 2020"

and this me and my divine parent energy, wishing to offer you accountability for the choices you make, so that you can make corrections to your experience and direct yourself with the same divine parent energy I have found within and without. It is an energy and as with any energy, we can follow it's current, it's flow and play along with or be played by it. it is energy that both creates and destroys and it is source creative energy that flows through us and it is us, who create the blockages both within and without in our bodies and in our lives, noone and nothing else. I recommend learning to play along with this energy and see where it wants to take you, it has taken me where I am today, 10 years after being faced with my own death by the hands of time the universal alchemy and cosmic clockwork of saturn in my saturn's return at my 28th year in this incarnation. now 10 years after i am in surrender to the jupiter return and it's challenges and rewards of having listened to the divine parent energy put forth by the cosmic wheels in my soul's evolution.

flammarion woodcut - 1888

This very energy now breathes life into me, pushes me to new heights and drives me in the direction of my soul's longing to go where it needs me to go in order to keep evolving and I willingly follow as I have no other choice, or I would be back in illness, dis-ease and decay like I once were and that I so desperately prayed to escape in my time of suffering and by the loving, yet strict hands of my higher self and divine intelligence was saved from living out, by being lovingly faced with my own death, the death of my ego, the death of my resistance. the birth of my surrender.

The Divine Parent Energy, is open to you now, speaking to you through your experience of life and it may most likely not be what you want to hear, but it is what you need to hear and it is the most loving gift from source, even if it comes wrapped in pain, suffering and even death, life is only a school and is the evolution of your soul and if we do not evolve, creation gives us detention and sometimes expulsion and if we want to stay in school, we better do our homework and we better pay attention in class. Pain and suffering are some of the greatest teachers in this school and I would not be where I am today without them and the lessons they taught me, they were what birthed compassion and wisdom and lead me to embrace The Divine Parent Energy so I could learn how to parent myself and my fellow human beings. I now bring this parent with me into all my relations and I am a better man all because of it, this very same energy that once tried to kill me, as I was not listening to the lessons it was trying to teach me. Are you listening? I hope so...

With utmost love and compassion,

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