Spiritual Accountability, what is it?

photography: ulf haukenes

What does it mean to be spiritually accountable?

First and foremost, we will look at what is needed to be a sovereign being,

what makes a person sovereign and accountable of self,

meaning what it takes to be in control of one's own self and not under control of an outer authority or dependent on another entity, substance or place for well being of mind, body and spirit. this to me is spiritual accountability, spiritual sovereignty and i see very few actually mention this level of spirituality in the spiritual community.

this is true sovereignty, not needing anything outside of yourself to complete your being. no thing, no person, no place, no attachment to anything and no dependency on anything outside of yourself. you have come to such a place in yourself, that you are accountable for your mind, body and spirit.

your health is your responsibility and you heal yourself, your needs are your responsibility and you make sure they are met. your piece of mind comes from your own cultivation of peace and mindfullness, your consciousness is all you need to create that which you desire, your body is the vessel in which you experience all it is that you desire to experience and your spirit is what brings this all about, your energy.

in true spiritual accountability you are accountable 100% for all parts of your being and existence . you realize you co-create every experience of life and you are no longer victim to circumstances and influences in life.

on the spiritual path, both of us were faced with deadly health challenges in terms of early cancer stages, cell change and endometriosis as well as other health challenges western medicine could not help us with and so we decided to take matters into our own hands and we both changed our lifestyles as well as the people and places in our lives that were toxic to our being at the time.

for us both that meant leaving certain friends, leaving partners and workplaces and find better suited environments in which we both could heal ourselves.

for ulf who was also challenged with mental health due to substances and medication,

this also meant becoming accountable for his own mind and mental state.

which lead him to isolate himself and find ways in which he could balance out his hormones and brain chemistry naturally, something he will reveal a lot more of in his upcoming book which will be sold through this website this fall.

healing ourselves is part of coming into spiritual maturity and spiritual accountability, it is a natural by-product of waking up to our true state and being

as a sovereign being accountable for their own well-being of mind, body and spirit.

so far we have covered mind and body, but there is more to being spiritually accountable than being accountable for mind, body and well being.

being accountable for our own energy, our consciousness and our field, this means being accountable for the energy we give off and pass on to others, but it also means being accountable for the energy we take on and allow in our field.

the energy we allow, is the energy we eventually give off, as everything comes full circle. this means to not only cultivate good energy and make sure we are healthy vibrating, but making sure people are being offered a chance to be accountable when entering our field. we like to call that offering accountability, rather than holding someone responsible, one feels violating, the other feels liberating and being made aware of, rather then being shunned. once we are aware we are giving off negative energy, we have a choice to alter it, or once we are made aware of a short-coming or unaccountable behavior and offered a chance to alter it, we can do so, willingly rather than forcefully and the energy remains good and everyone remains sovereign, rather than being held captive by someone in higher authority as it sometimes feels when someone is holding you responsible for a transgression.

artwork: Susan Seddon Boulet

so now, we have covered the ideas of spiritual accountability of all 3,

the holy (wholly) trinity, holistic balance of mind, body and spirit.

this is our contribution to the awakening process as we have experienced them ourselves, coming into spiritual maturity and we all will at some point go through this process, like it or not. here we offer you a chance to make yourself accountable for your own and others well-being. may we all be well and live well with good will, good intentions and good fortune and with spiritual accountability it becomes a lot easier to create this goodness in our sphere and assist others in doing the same.

blessings ulf haukenes - the soul alchemist

ulf haukenes - the soul alchemist - © 2017,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety from this website.​

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