Get Out Of The Dark Ages - Collective Psychosis

As souls we enter this planet as round, formless beings, completely void of programming, conditioning, ideology, belief systems and from the moment we exit our mother's birth canal we are exposed to a myriad of impressions.

it starts with happy gestures, playful grimaces and words of excitement and even these are parts of our programming. reactions and how to act. how to speak and language itself is programming. how we use the language, when to say certain things and not and how to speak it, use of tone, gestures and much more subtleties are part of our early programming. bodylanguage, facial expressions and even laughter, nothing is real on this earth, everything is taught on some level. everything is part of a program.

as we grow out of our crib we become quickly exposed to our ancestral conditioning, ideas, belief systems and ideology of our specific soul group we have chosen to incarnate into and for many of us this includes religion and other doctrines heavily embedded with fear based beliefs.

alongside ancestral programming we have the ancestral patterns, which are more subtle to discover and runs deep in our psyche.

things like substance abuse, mental abuse, mental illness, sexual abuse, suicidal tendencies etc.

by the time young humans learn to read we are already a massively dysfunctional product of our surroundings and the collective psychosis known as popular culture makes it marks on our consciousness.

we are no longer the shapeless soul we came in as, we are now a product of the dream of the planet, the illusion of planet earth and it's toxicity.

we then enter school and become heavily indoctrinated by furthermore ways to think, act, feel etc. and very little is left of the original soul self.

our peers also add to the contribution of the watering down of the true self and by the time most graduate high school they are complete robots of society, with very little of the true soul self left visible to the naked eye.

in our awakening process we become aware of these things and we start shedding them, one by one. however the "spiritual community" or the awakening community if you will is also filled to the rim with ideology, belief systems and we often replace one religion for another, the new age doctrine,

which is for many not evolved the slightest since the dark ages.

with little to no spiritual sovereignty and accountability for the co-creation of their reality, blaming anything from a planet's orbit to "demons" for their behavior and problems with life.

in the dark ages the vatican put gargoyles on the church in order to put fear in the heart of man, placed images in the imagination is one very powerful way of making someone create a reality from their belief system and this has been done by the controlling elite for centuries. we now do it through the use of tv, movies, books as well as religion and mankind as a collective have not evolved much since the dark ages and neither has most of the spiritual community.

a demon as many perceive it, is nothing more than a thoughtform that has become an entity all of it's own. the imaginative faculty is one amazing projector of reality and your belief systems are the screen writers.

such energies can easily be transfered from one mind to another,

or even a person's energy field by dumping of energy,

energy such as fears, doubt and other low vibrational dense energies.

the demons most are fighting are in fact thoughtforms and can be removed by changing the way they think,feel and act and by changing their belief systems they will experience a whole new reality, one free of dark age mentality.

artwork: Visioning - Susan Seddon Boulet

this is the first step to realize spiritual sovereignty. to become fully accountable for all energies entering one's field as a co-creator of reality, as the dreamer of dreams. remember the alchemy phrase: as above, so below.

as within, so without.

as soul, so the universe...

this speaks of how we create our reality and everything in our external experience is a match for something within, by changing our internal reality, the alchemist changes their external reality. for more on alchemy look to other articles on our site and specifically the work of dennis william hauck.

another teacher i would highly recommend is "avendar dragon",

mark cloudfoot gershon, a modern day shaman from the cherokee bloodline whose teachings have led me through many successful portals and helped me in my daily endeavor to close the gap between the dream of the world, the illusion and the dream of the planet, the harmonious co-creation of gaia we all long to live in.

he taught me how to end the drainage of my life force energy through stalking death by increasing my vitality and lucidity, which is only the beginning of becoming a more lucid dreamer in the dream of dreams.

following his work helps me stay aligned with the harmonious being i am becoming. the true self, free of the dream of the world, the illusion.

mark cloudfoot says this about demons: "Demons are only energy we have allowed to get out of our control and out of our awareness that works against us. They come to us as demons. They come to us as horrific visages, yet they are only our inner children that sorely need discipline. Not the discipline that is of corporal punishment, but the discipline of managing our own senses and sensibility.

We are all given a path of our own making. But in the dream of the world we are given things that are not often our own. And it is necessary to reconcile those things that are placed in our way. In order for the individual sentient being to get to true sanity it is necessary to go through true insanity. Once we take those steps through the dream of the world, we can see more lucidly and those things that have attacked us are seen for what they are. Merely magnified insects that buzz around our awareness. We give them the power to destroy us by our distortion of their distortion or we can be set free by our ability to realize what they are.

Let us not cut out that which is redeemable lest we leave something behind that sorely needs its freedom as much as we do.

This is the work of the person of power. That is to redeem the unredeemable and to set straight all the lies and perversions set forth by the dream of the world. That is the second task/strategy of the Toltec Sourcerer. That is to return the perception of the world back to its original dreaming intent.

Sometimes it is necessary to carry the absolute worst thing back to the Source of Creation. There it becomes transparent as one becomes more lucid.

The individual sentient being is the dividing line between Heaven and Hell. It is an arbitrary line that is movable by our attitudes and efforts and by our creativity and discipline.

Once we learn how to move that arbitrary line, we may get a better insight into how to move the assemblage point out of the human form of those configurations. Then there are demons that are the subversion of power by lineages and groups. Redemption of such subversion of power is a daunting undertaking. The gap is such a task. Many layers of demons and subversive and perverse energy. Yet it is configured within your own energy field. You had accepted its challenge upon entry through the dreaming membrane. Mastery of the dreaming membrane is the only way to resolve it."

may you change all your belief systems so that all your dreams are aligned with your soul self, the true self and the dream of the new earth, the dream of gaia.

and may all your beautiful dreams come true.

dream on dreamweaver,

dream on...

Ulf Haukenes - the soul alchemist Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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