Modern Day Mental Health Crisis

I grew up in a typical norwegian coastal city, where american culture was more a part of our programming and conditioning than norwegian culture,

heavily influencing how we see the world and our consciousness.

culture is in fact the true psychosis and having a shamanic awakening or "psychosis" is in fact the liberation of this conditioned madness.

it is how we meet and greet and care for these individuals now and in the future that will determine the power of our future medicine men and women and thus the course of our culture and society which is on collision course with evolution. you see, how we are currently conducting our use of resources on this planet is not sustainable and we have polluted our oceans and waters,

the disaster in fukushima has long since caused such an irreversible damage to not only the pacific ocean, but our entire planet's oceans.

we spray our skies with chemicals in order to manipulate weather and other incomprehensible reasons, such as population control and other agendas

that could only be part of some collective orwellian nightmare.

if the universe is mental, as we discovered in the alchemy, we must come to realize we are collectively creating reality, through or consensus belief systems and human conditioning, patterning and programming.

i like to use my mentor mark cloudfoot gershon's terminology here from his toltec teachings which i work with myself to stay on the path of heart,

he calls the artificial human construct known as popular culture and the known world with it's human conditioning, patterning and programming for the dream of the world, the original intent for the planet as in it's blueprint and design is one of peace, love, abundance, harmony and sustainable solutions for living and thriving on planet earth,

this he calls the dream of the planet. we will continue to use mark's terminology further here in this article and many more to come to make a clear distinction of what we are trying to manifest as a collective of conscious

co-creators. George Orwell's 1984 has already become a reality.

i hereby invite you to consider everything you have been taught to be a lie.

even who you think you are, your identity is a lie and a multi faceted melting pot of everyone you have ever known and every song you ever heard, every book you ever read, every movie you ever watched and beneath all that conditioning, programming is the true essence of who you are. this essence is the real you,

the true self, it is free of religion, free of politics, free of racism and all earthly concepts, ideas, belief systems and anything related to your human consciousness as your essence is so much more than that, it is your soul,

the thinker behind the thoughts, the one watching the thoughts,

this consciousness that has always been and always will be,

in this everlasting now we inhabit into infinity and beyond.

now you begin to grasp the vast war that is on our consciousness,

our spirituality and education, culture and society are our greatest adversaries in our quest for freedom to be our true selves in the dream of the planet.

I struggled in school growing up, by the time i entered elementary school i was already way ahead in most subjects and immensely bored with the curriculum and experiencing bullying to such an extent i had to change school 3 times the first 4 years of elementary school. they tried to diagnose me, but i kept falling in between 2 chairs and being too this or too that to fit into anyone specific diagnose, but the problems i was having in school and at home kept escalating.

by the time i was 18 i had tried every drug known to man and by the age 28

i had been misdiagnosed and heavily medicated on with many experimental psychotropic drugs at the time for my conditions. i awoke to a world full of sleepers in 1997 after seeing god on a psychedelic experience, something that lead me into such a dark depression i only wanted to slip inside a permanent coma for many years. my dark night of the soul was coming full effect and lasted for years, diagnosed chronic suicidal and put on xanax 4 mg depot pills for my suicidal tendencies, with a typical western medicine side effect of increased suicidal tendencies, needless to say, my condition grew increasingly critical with a health department far under educated and equipped to deal with a young man in spiritual crisis and their so called medicinal expertise only further more escalating the problematic and the many run-in's with the law due to self medication over time in itself causing endless harm to ones health and well-being as prison and mental health facilities are no places for the mentally imbalanced, that just defies all logic to isolate someone struggling with their perception of reality.

I had my kundalini awakening that summer coming off a serious binge of all kinds of stimulants, mostly cannabis and the cannabis detox after over a decade of smoking gave me severe psychotic symptoms medically speaking, however in spiritual and shamanic terms, i was having a kundalini awakening,

a spiritual crisis, not a medical crisis. but i ended up nearly killing myself after 3 days and 3 nights of intense battles with thoughtforms made manifest and standing at the center of my co-creation full of fear seeing how i was manifesting my own death, i heard a voice tell me to kill my dog and mother, instead i chose to slit my own wrists and drain my body of blood in a bucket and after many attempts that night to end my life, ended up passing out from loss of blood, awakened by mom in the morning with milk, as i had to puke up the poisons i had swallowed the night before in an attempt to burn myself up from the inside out. this is what many are facing in their spiritual awakening, an immense initation, a dance with god and the devil and one's own self and self created demons and only someone spiritually equipped will be able to help such individuals, especially those with experience of kundalini.

we are living in a time now where more and more people will have such spiritual awakenings and those of us who have gone through this already will lead the way for an entire planet awakening to the illusion of separation from their source intelligence, their infinite nature and when they do, they will need qualified people to usher them through the gates of consciousness and offer sanctuary, love, compassion and experience

so they may have qualified and experienced people guiding them through a very pivotal and chaotic time in not only their, but in human history as we are seeing this happening on a collective scale.

i came home from my second 3 month stay in the low security mental rehabilitation facility in early winter 2010, with 2 big grocery bags filled to the rim with medication for the various conditions they had diagnosed me with.

i had 5 medications for my conditions and 3 extra medications for the side effects of my initial medication, i quickly began to realize the medication was not only making me worse, they were slowly killing me and on one of my walks with my dog that first week home i decided, i was not gonna live this way.

against all recommendations i quit my medications that day, except for my anti-psychotic medication, which i slowly came of over 3 weeks.

i had started exercising heavily at the rehab center and upon coming home bought a bench and lifted weights 4 hrs a week, walked 1 hr a day with my dog and incorporated lots more fruits and vegetables to my diet,

within 3 months time my symptoms were all gone and within a year in therapy

that early winter of 2011 i was symptom, medication and diagnose free.

i am currently writing a book about my spiritual awakening and journey through the tragicomic mental health system and the criminals on true holistic health known as western medicine. if we are to learn how to treat mental illness on this planet as a collective, we will have to learn what mental health truly is, what health truly is. nutrition is the fundamental key to our entire health, mind, body and spirit, it is what makes up your cells, your brain cells, your bodily fluids, everything that is you, is made up of your diet.

if your diet is poor, even if your parents diet was poor, you will have genetic dispositions for illness and through a high nutrient rich diet you can reverse ageing, regenerate sick tissue and cells and completely reverse your condition within only a few months time.

the dream of the world contains endless billboards and commercials for toxic food-like products with chemicals and empty calories that in no way feeds the body and certainly not the soul. yes, the spirit needs vitality and it gets no nourishment and vitality from the processed foods section.

the dream of the planet involves eating sustainable and organic in order to feed our cells natural living frequencies that sparks life in our cells and feeds our bodies enough nutrients and high enough frequencies to nourish our lightbodies. as the warfare on our spiritual well being starts in the gut,

our second brain, we have to realize at some point that over-all mood, well-being and health depends first and foremost on what we eat.

so if mental health starts in the gut, why do our mental health practitioners and medical physicians have little to no education in nutrition?

we are looking at an entirely incompetent field of science and health all together, highly miseducated with lifealtering mandates governing the minds and bodies of our children, forcing them on medications that forever alters their consciousness, in many cases with detrimental and critical results as it was in my case. is this a future you wish for your children?

are you willing to give up the health of your family to the hands of a pharmaceutical mafia that profits from you and your family's illness that comes from living in the dream of the world, also known as society, popular culture.

where you put your money, determines our future, the more people that eat to get healthy, to stay well, the less money these cancer-selling criminals have in their big, fat, corrupt corporate bank accounts in the cayman islands.

This picture was taken during my dis-ease ten years ago in 2007 and serves as a reminder of how much I have healed myself and how many babysteps in the right direction finally gives results in your quality of life.

All I can say is if I can do it so can you. I did not have cancer, but I had cell change due to high acidosis in my body, which is a pretty definite precursor for cancer. But I threw my "medication" out with the "wrong" people in my life and ever since my journey has been a bit more lonely, but also a lot more fulfilling. There are just some spaces in us that other people can't fill,that only communion with source energy can fill and that has to be done in solitude. I got to know myself,I got to know the healing power of nutrition, exercise and good books. The healing power of love, true friendship and animals. The value of family. The value of surrender. I lost my looks, my health, vibrant self...But from the burning ashes of my dis-ease arose a new more aware Ulf, an awakening spiritual warrior. I will never go back to where I was if I can help it. Short term fake fun traded for long term damage is not part of my to-do list anymore.

if you want to read more of my hard work and history,

how i in detail healed myself and the many things left out in this article,

then please stay tuned and look to this space for my upcoming book.

this is me almost ten years later, last year in amsterdam,

not bad for an agoraphobic, chronically suicidal, schizo-type,

borderline, bi-polar man with autistic and adhd tendencies would I say.

he got the life back in his eyes and it wasn't thanks to no doctor,

not thanks to no physician or anyone else but myself,

my family, friends and amazing four-legged healers as well as heavy exercise,

healthy nutrient dense foods and lots of fresh air and rest.

you can become your own doctor too and heal yourself.

in a world where they profit from our lack of knowledge of self,

self love and self realization are the two greatest acts of revolution.

please like, share and support my work, my mission in spreading awareness on mental health in the ascension process.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

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