How are you being controlled in your life?

How are you being controlled in your life?

Food and sexuality are two of the ways in which we are easiest controlled.

They control us through our senses, through our primary and secondary needs and more importantly through habits and addictions. Not only is this how we are controlled in society, but also in relationships, I was once in a relationship were food was used as a drug and escape and eventually became the only thing that was to look forward to, I quickly realized a parasitic energy was feeding off of my food addiction just as much as it was feeding off my traumas and recreating and reliving them, but it was feeding off my dismay of my own body, feeding off the depression in the relationship and the means of sugar and a poor lifestyle declining and decaying the state of my physical vitality.

Drugs work on the senses, stimulants of any kind from regular use to over-consumption, be it coffee, sugar , wheat even or medication from the doctor, drugs of any kind or alcohol, these stimulants work to hijack our consciousness short term and long term and make us more docile and short sighted, mostly focused on the addiction at hand some way or another, more prone to parasitic attack, more prone to disease, more prone to criminal behavior in order to lock you up, more prone to mental illness for the same purposes.

Who is it that is the target group for such an attack?

The uneducated, the poor and the middle class, the people most needed to control, enslave and subjugate are the ones suffering the most from the attacks of sugar addiction, malnutrition programs, food addiction and not to mention porn addiction.

Malnutrition is the number one factor behind mental imbalance as mental imbalance holistically speaking starts as all health does, in the gut, poor absorption of nutrients due to clogged colons, constipated physically and emotionally, poor waste management due to clogged lymphatic system hardly sweating or moving the body, poor hormone levels due to a malfunctioning endocrine system due to a poor diet and a poor lifestyle. A rich lifestyle does not take money, it takes awareness and they hijack your awareness from morning to night and through the night with billboards, commercials and product placing in all our media and makes you even hum their jingles and sing along to their mind-programming and they start attacking us with culture programming straight in the crib.

Let's face it, we are at war for our consciousness with every book, with every movie and every song we subject ourselves to and it becomes part of your consciousness. This is why I have read extremely little the past decade unless I knew it would add to my consciousness somehow, I don't read for entertainment, I read for education.

Bringing this awareness to everything we do, from food, to entertainment, activities, speech and everything we conduct throughout our day is the only way in which we will be free of programming, bring the cosmic consciousness into your local affairs so to speak, bridge the planetary consciousness with the global consciousness and lift people out of their local community bubbles and give them a broader perspective through your cosmic consciousness eyes. You will be the catalyst of your local community and assist in the shift from the local-country-global consciousness to a collective cosmic consciousness, but we cannot giveaway what we do not embody ourselves, so it becomes of highest importance to have a clear vessel physically and energetically in order to template others with a clean and upgraded system.

artwork: welcome guest - Liane Collot d'Herbois

The clearer we are in our physical body, mental body, emotional body and etheric body, the better we serve as templaters, healers and transmutation portals for other beings who come into our energy field.

For those who are aware of what parasites do to the body, already know the parasitic thoughtforms these beings create in the body, even making some hosts suicidal, but most often just making them more addicted to sugar, drugs and other selfdestructive behaviors through secretions they give off in the body that sends chemical signals to your brain that sustains your self destructive patterns and programs. It is documented that fish that have parasites will swim to the surface in order to be caught by a bird, so the parasite can travel from host to host. Then the bird flies off and becomes suicidal as well, offering itself to a predator. These are but some ways also subject ourselves to predators in society and things and people that we know very well are bad for us, but we don't love ourselves enough to stay away from them.

Parasitic energy survives only when it is being fed, we see this in the spiritual community all too well and often as so many are in search of having their light fed and increased from others, those selling false light have a grand new age indoctrination machine operating solely to feed off of it's believers, it's congregation if you will, as it has become a new religion many decades ago.

How to recognize parasitic energy in ourselves and others?

Any pattern and programming that is hard to break has it's root in parasitic energy, most often passed down through the bloodline for centuries and has created family patterns and "hereditary dis-ease". But all disease starts in energy, so if the energy that causes the disease is removed, the so called hereditary sick DNA is healed. Nothing is hereditary by blood, only by energy and once humanity realizes this as a collective we will stand at the brink of a medical revolution unlike anything in human history. We don't really need alien technology to heal the planet, we don't need high technological nano tech and beyond, we only need the awareness of energy and nutrition and we can heal everything under the sun with what is produced under the sun. Our healing is hiding in plain sight, but can only be seen with the third eye, with our awareness and so it is our awareness they most of all attack, our consciousness is at the frontier of a massive war on evolution itself, but evolution of consciousness, will eventually prevail, like it always does.


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