How To Cultivate Your Partner's Intuition

To cultivate your partner's intuition would be the opposite of narcissism.

In this connection I am experiencing something I always missed in every relationship, backing up one another's intuitive abilities, instead of the usual relationship dynamics. As none of us are afraid to point out to the other what we see, feel and hear with our heightening claircognizant abilities regarding one another's friends, family, snakes and sheep in wolf clothing, we have basically eliminated all reasons for "insecurity" within our partnership.

We don't care how close you are or have been to either of us in the past, as nobody and nothing matters more to us than our union and everything we want comes out of our union, anyone who is not 100% supportive is removed and anyone who makes any one of our spidey senses tingle is under observation. We've been right every time so far, but some of you actually deserve the benefit of the doubt due to seniority.

If you make just one of us feel weird, we will talk about it and why it makes us feel off and weird and strengthen and bond even stronger where most would fall short due to lack of authenticity and transparency. Something that has made us both trust one another deeper and deeper, every time the other is right, we come deeper in our trust together and place less and less trust where it is not 100%.

We have both been disappointed by people in our blind spots the other was able to see clear as day and what would have tore down a regular relationship dynamic seems to not work on our union, so nothing really surprises any of us anymore, we have our tentacles out for ourselves and one another, as our union is the most important thing to us.

I can only speak for myself, but due to knowing human nature quite well, there is no friend I ever had I could not easily let go off, as when I was sick I was left to my own devices and "close friends" and people even made rumors- spells- black magick, saying I was dying or dead.

My INFJ - Aquarian personality has no problem sacrificing anyone or anything for the greater good so that is said. And the greater good in this case would be, me, her, her children and our union and mission work, which started as soon as we came together, immense healing have taken place on both sides in our bloodlines and our ancestors bringing us beautiful signs from the other side cheering us both on, synchronicity and signs spanning throughout our lives, with our lifepath numbers, with our nicknames for one another and so much more it is blowing our minds daily.

I am a lone wolf and never needed a pack to stand strong, but now I have an alpha female who senses just as much as I and sees and smells the morally weak of the herd just as easy as I do. Most women in the past would speak of their intuition being strong, but their naivety would render their intuition useless. Their feminine unhealed wounded heart would work against them, wanting to believe there is good in everyone. A trait that is very very frustrating to a wizard who borderlines to cynical from all the darkness he sees within the hearts of men. But we have both endured the traumas from the darkness in the hearts of men and women alike and have in one another found sanctuary. This sanctuary means more to us than anything else in this world as it is the first time, either of us have felt completely seen, safe and held in another.

I am not afraid to be alone anymore and that is my superpower.

I am not afraid to lose what belongs to me. I know someone who truly loves you, cannot be taken away. And most of all I know, if they can be easily taken, it is not a loss, but a gain. And I know I am a person of such value, inner and outer beauty, I would never have to be alone, this has given me an unwavering comfort in who I am and in this lack of fear of ever being alone ever again, has made my love and my force become stronger than ever and growing stronger still.

My heart, my force, my intent and my will is that of a mature, spiritual warrior and for that I am very grateful.

I am home in me, in the world, on the planet and with her. And I will defend my home with my transparent heart and those who cannot meet us together in our transparency fully, are not welcome in our home, in our space, in our circle of trust, as she is my queen and I am her king. We are not two anymore, we are now ONE. And what you can't say to her, you should not dare say to me, what you can't say to me, you should not dare say to her, as we share everything together in order to grow together, anything else would cause us to grow apart as we are well aware of. Anyone who does not treat us as one will be removed.

Trust is earned and not a given.

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.

If you want to truly go deep within the union, then don't be afraid to lose one another if you speak your truth. Truth will be recognized by those who embody it and if you speak your truth and it is not heard or felt, you will know your partner does not stand in their own truth, they have yet to embody their truth. They will have a willingness to taste your truth, without triggers, without drama,they will hear you out. The same it is for our shadows, if someone does not have room for your shadows, they do not know their own. There is more than enough space for all you are, if people have space for all of themselves. And in these spaces a true sacred union will dance in their own light, with the shadows dancing on the wall instead of within their hearts.

Artwork: Chiara Bautista

Learn to smell intent. The intent will always supersede the intention, much like lucidity supersedes clarity. With fearless transparency and lucidity our intent becomes stronger, more concise and our intuition can easier pick up other people's true intent and intention.

The intention can be wage, which is why it is harder to spot, an intention can often be masked or hidden easily behind words and actions, while the intent is strong and you can FEEL IT IN their words and actions.

This is why a warrior never trusts a word, but instead looks for patterns,

words are hard to trust, patterns always reveal themselves.

If we can learn to trust one another, our own selves and senses, we no longer become less self and senseless which is what unconsciousness truly is and we don't really need to trust others, if we can fully trust ourselves. Shedding the unconscious means cultivating your senses, honing our abilities and purifying our energies so we can recognize impurities that enter our unified field. We are coming to our senses it is often said, this describes coming back to consciousness after a momentary lapse of reason and consciousness quite well. I can smell someone's true intentions and always did from their intent they put forward in terms of energy, this is how I stayed alive in the environment I was in for so long, I always followed my intuition as when I didn't, I got reprimanded with a lesson from higher self.

I never really needed to trust anyone, if I could trust my own senses, the more I did, the higher I went in my vibration. Everything is learning, there are no curses upon you, only unconsciousness and that which hides there from your bloodlines many years of accumulating dysfunctional templates, patterns and programs. But fear not, Awareness turns a curse to a blessing as you are able to retrieve the lessons.

Wolf Medicine and Hawk Medicine is in my very name.

Wolf smells everything. Hawk sees everything. Hawk guides Wolf to prey and away from danger. Wolf hunts prey and protects Hawk.

Together they roam the forest in symbiosis.

So many do not receive truth from their partner as they do not give out truth to their partners. Remember, all that is not truth comes to the surface in the light of love as love and truth are also in union. Truth is love and Love is truth. Deception, games, lies and agendas are all tools of untruth and not love. Know your love and know your own truth and you will recognize the lack of love in the face of untruth and the lack of truth in the face of non-love or conditional love if you will. Conditional love means I love you because this and that, it never loves for no reason, it loves with an agenda and most of us knows only this love, even from our parents, as we often felt unloved when we did something wrong.

If you expect your partner to lie to you, you are co-creating an outcome of just that, if you expect your partner to cheat on you, you are co-creating just that, it is always co-creation, whether we like to admit it or not, our fears also create these connections, it is either conscious or unconscious co-creation, of our friendships, our family dynamics and last but certainly not least, our relationships and sacred connections. Bad expectations is a poor use of the imaginative faculty and co-creative abilities. Same goes with fears. You can never expect to get anything you are not giving. So if you fear your partner doing anything, you will be proven right in your belief if the fear is not cleared. I have co-created a worst case scenario with soul connections, where both of our fears were produced in one another, this is usually why these connections end, Fear of standing in true self. Fear of authenticity and transparency. Fear of love and abandonment. Fears accumulated through the bloodline, through programs and patterns, but also through our experience of trauma in life.

address the fears together, be willing to state your fears, this takes the fear out of your body and gives it back to the world, so many grasp at their fears like it's a lucky straw, hoping that they will be loved and fearing that they will not, hope is an illusion, it is not real, not here yet and often makes people passive in their quest for liberation, accompanied by the fear of eventually not being loved for a truth revealed, this fear grows and festers like a cancer attaching itself to the walls of your unified field, the third energy you both are creating and soon it spreads out into your entire union, the same way the love and radiance spread out into your entire union and even bloodline.

photography: Marja-Terttu Karlsson

How can you remove the fear? You can't. Fear is energy and comes and goes.

Other people can bring fear into your field. Be mindful and courageous.

You will have to find courage to lose everything you stand to gain, in the face of courage and honor, fears have a way of dissolving on their own and anything that can be shared and bonded on in the union will come to serve you both as one, nature and the universe favors the brave. The merging of you two only happens in loving truth and it is gradual, over time, level by level, integrating bit by bit as you reveal more layers of your true self in your bonding. The energy you both cultivate and spend, together and individually becomes one, one unified field of source creative energy and life force. If one of you should choose not to take care of yourself, the other will decline in health as well. The radiance will soon diminish unless both feed their light body, exercise and take good care of mind, body and spirit. This is a holistic connection after all and you both come together as one, to create unity and a unified field of co-creative potential and consciousness expansion.

Sacred Union by Robyn Chance

This is not the ascension process on an individual scale, only on a collective scale are we ascending and on an individual level we are actually descending. Descending the higher self, into our physical vessels, this means we raise our vibrations so that higher self and those higher frequencies are possible to be cultivated and contained by and with our physical bodies, etheric bodies and so on. Nobody is going anywhere, not into another dimension or otherwise, the fifth dimension is already here, it's a level of awareness, a rise in consciousness and frequency, it is not far away from you and you only have to close your eyes to get there and tune into your heart, then bring it with you in your daily life.

sacred union By: Kristen Holmberg - inner luna

Any other ideas of the fifth dimension being a "there" is fabricated mumbo-jumbo from the new age indoctrination machine which is a corrupt money making organ like any other. To become free, we have to look at our ideas, ideologies, belief systems, to see how we are keeping ourselves locked. Remember ANYTHING is a belief system. Even astrology and human design, twin flames and simpler smaller human beliefs, even if these tools work and we can use them to improve our lives, they are still based in a belief as belief is initial to experience often handed to us or stolen during childhood and teenage years and deeply engrained in us, such as religion and so on. And most anything defined with earthly eyes has another definition beyond this planet. If you can understand this, you will come far in navigating your earthen experience. If not, you will come to struggle in your awakening process.

And you can consciously use these systems to create reality. Any belief you will be proven right about if there is enough energy behind it.

Once you realize this, your magick will become very powerful.

"Magick is the bloodstream of the universe, forget what you know,

or think you know. All that you require is your intuition." - Willow Choose wisely. Blessings Ulf Haukenes - The Soul Alchemist

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