The Opal Children

There is what is known as the advent of the Opal children. These children manifest without time constraints. They are dreamers who dream their dreams into reality. Sometimes this ability remains latent in children and doesn't manifest until they are older. Generally speaking we all have an ability to manifest our intent into our hands. But the ability of an Opal child to manifest the content of their unconscious into reality far surpasses that ability. Even so there is a little bit of the opal in all of us. But those born under this ray have a unique path. They will eventually need to develop consummate control of that which is essentially uncontrollable. It will lead them to the source of creation itself. The general human dilemma is mostly with controlling their conscious mind. The unconscious is generally unconscious and remains isolated in that area. It doesn't wreck havoc as it would for the opal child. No one should consider themselves less significant because they are not specifically defined. We each grapple with monumental issues that shake the place of humanity at it's core. We all have our place. And we must all work on our personal evolutions as a way to reach and teach humanity at it's deeper levels. Even a smile or an act of kindness can have a butterfly effect that changes the destiny of our race.

The most important people in this scenario are the parents. If they don't remain open minded, open hearted, wise tempered with tolerance, and up-to-date, these children will need to go through unnecessary travail to get where they need to go. We are all in this together. We play different roles to attain an important state of consciousness. There are no small roles in this scenario. There are only those that judge themselves to be less in their position. It is important that we do what needs to be done to the utmost perfection that we are capable. It is all about humanity uplifting humanity. There are never more than two opal children on a planet at a time and that is only during times of severe stress. Like now. There are far more crystal, indigo and green children on the planet now. Of the three I like the green children. They are also not in a time constraint. They are very intuitive and social beings. As children they are the ones that come over to you and are more than likely to put their hands on the places where healing is needed. They are the natural healers and generally go into service oriented professions like physicians, nurses, social workers. Normally they become very frustrated in conventional professions and eventually seek out the unconventional. Buddha was an example of a green child.

Opal children don't really have a maturation. They come into the world with a degree of consciousness even as to what occurred in-between in the spirit world and through the process of entering a mother. The mother will also feel some of this and might also participate in the dreaming of the opal child. Planets are in peril when there is no opal child or when there are too many. For the most part opal people live en masse in some exclusive areas that are of a equal parts spirit-matter. They are exclusive only because you have to be of that consistency to be there. Their civilizations appear where they dream and they could appear in several dimensions at the same time.

They have an influence on certain people. Those people have bi-location experiences, they have a tendency to want to master their dreams and are concerned about spiritual development. These are candidates to enter the opal realm and eventually become opal children through the process of reincarnation. Earth is a veritable school for these beings.

There are many of them here. The opal is a consolidation of all the colors in their most vibrant state. Either in a milky white or dark golden brown. Such are the auras of opal children. It is as if they have garnered all the color rays in one field and have integrated them in a harmony.

Most people that are under the influence of large deposits of opal but aren't opal children tend to dream of it's history deep into the forgotten past. They also become shamans and healers as well applying what they learned of the past. A true opal child dreams of the future and it comes to pass.

Nostradamus might have been an opal child. I think though that we are all about capturing light. We all seek to capture the rays of the rainbow and consolidate it as a key to enter the opal kingdom.

The opal kingdom is a vast realm that covers many dimensions including the physical. It is our heartfelt intent to be our own dream and to have the power to dream ourselves into existence without reincarnation, without assistance by the Lords of Karma or any intermediary other than by our own choice.

The opal children have this power. Some are as yet unrealized in this intent but they contain the plan and the power. Those that appear on planet earth just short of their goal are such. It is a law that those that enter the gravitational pull of the earth do so at the expense of a certain amount of memory. No one enters fully realized, but there is a degree of remembrance that you can fight to retain and even more is lost in the canister of consciousness known as the neonate. Nine months in that vehicle only supports a certain degree of dreaming as well as does the infants brain. That is a test one must pass through in order to carry that array of rays into this world. One is not easy but all is a supreme test. You must in essence be able to maintain a mature dreaming presence while dreaming yourself into existence through a mother. Theoretically it is all a dream anyway, but the practice is much harder.

It takes the mastery of what is called the dreaming membrane. The dreaming membrane is the fine line between dimensions. It is the membrane that maintains the difference between dimensions and holds the laws of form in character. It is also what gives us the form that makes it equitable for existence in a particular dimension as well as what orientates a particular focus to maintain existence in a particular dimension.

We are souls focused in a physical body in a particular way. That is the work of the dreaming membrane. Many people have significant dreams about the key to the universe that can solve everything, but upon waking they forget. What they had realized is some aspect of the dreaming membrane but didn't have enough energy to retain that realization. Psychedelic plants allow an experience of the dreaming membrane without the knowledge that it is such and without the elasticity to maintain that state of consciousness. But it is the reason why one has such prolific realizations during it's effect. It is a plant of the opal ray. It's use changed a generation and put us on a path we are now.

That is a lot to know on the opals. How will we recognize an opal child when we meet them in real life? How should we handle them? Hard to say. They are rare and much of their mission is recovering internal stuff. Much like Jesus. and yet Jesus is a prototype of what humanity will be able to accomplish in the future... doing miracles, healings, etc. They are in danger during their early years.Mortal danger. Death by the negative forces. In the guise of accidents or anyway they can be attacked.

"Anyone of such potential power in a vulnerable condition is open to attack by any number of forces. ". That is a law of this physical dimension.

Sometimes the angels need protection from the opal child. They are en mass in the realms of spirit-matter between this world of high density and the planes of high density of spirit. There is a civilization of opal beings that is most wonderous to dream into. But it is not easy but not impossible to enter. Still the opal color is a great color to visualize and meditate upon.

The opals are peculiar because you never know what you'll get with one. They may come in lacking discipline or they may be very impeccable. But the opal brings with it a learning process and a process of transformation that is almost mythic in structure. There will always be new things for the opal to learn and their circumstances usually manifest it very quickly and they usually recognize it very fast. You never know what mission they have but most often they are not free. They have a mission. It seems that because the power can be somewhat overpowering, opal children have been known to manifest in pairs. They spend their lives separately in childhood not meeting for sometime but then they are drawn to each other like two strong magnets of different polarities. Once they are together their power manifests. Generally they are so rare that not much is known about them. - Mark Cloudfoot Gershon

Mark Cloudfoot aka Avendar Dragon is an apprentice to a Death Defier. The Death Defier is the originator of the Sorceric tradition of the Indigenous Cultures of Central America. His experience is chronicled in "Apprentice To A Death Defier: Scales Of The Dragon". Mark teaches the dreaming tradition of the Death Defier to those who are interested. The type of Sourcery taught is similar to that of the tradition brought to you by Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda but with some differences. It has certain nuances in its focus and practices. Those can be found on the Facebook pages of The Gateway of Light and The Toltec Path of the Death Defier.

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