Sexual Energy Is Life Force

There is a tell-tale sign of someone who is afraid to be alone, afraid to not feel loved, in love and have narcissistic supply. They always keep close friends, or people in their inner circle or close at hand, they know have a sexual attraction to them. In case of "emergency" if the relationship they are in, starts being more work than immediate pleasure or losing it's gratification in any way, they will have a back door for surface level intimacy, sexual affairs and most of all narcissistic supply. These type of people are very sensual, very enticing and have an easy inclination to appear beyond seductive, even in places and moments where this would be very unnatural, such as a gathering for children,

a funeral or social events that this kind of behavior would be very unbecoming to most people, they on the other hand find any moment to be the center of attention a wonderful opportunity to display their "natural" sensuality.

As I mentioned, they keep at least one or more people in close range they know have a sexual attraction to them, this could be friends with benefits they have had throughout their entire life or simply someone who has flirted with them openly that they are confident would be a good match or an easy target for sexual affairs, emotional affairs and narcissistic supply. They often have at least one or more of these friends in close range at all times in order to make an easy switch should the need to open the back door in their current relationship present itself in which they will immediately discard the current partner and be on their way out the back door, as intimacy, true intimacy, would reveal to them just how empty they are on the inside. They need to feel like the ultimate seducer/seductress to feel in power, they need to feel deeply lusted for and being wanted by their partner alone, is never enough and never will be.

They will always seek outside the relationship for more supply to their endless well of emptiness and an underlying fear of abandonment, with the tactic of always abandoning first as the one who is the least in love is the one in power in these power struggle relationships, something they know all too well.

If you feel this is your partner and you confront them with this, they will not give this person or these people up, but defend their reasons for having them around. A normal person will easily give up anyone the partner feel a bad energy with or uncomfortable around, as they want the relationship to work. If your intuition is not honored, verified or not even an introduction made for you to get to know this person better, you can most likely be sure that there is sexual triangulation going on between the seductive and evasive partner and the person you feel uncomfortable with, anyone would want you to get to know their closest friends, unless they of course have something to hide.

These people feed off of sexual energy and thrive on being lusted for, it is like they need that energy to feel whole, complete and to know they are wanted by more than just their partner makes them feel safe from abandonment. It takes someone brave to put all their eggs in one basket, it takes a real person to commit fully to one person and one person only without the need for having possible partners and possible outcomes and scenarios at hand in the case of emergency. It takes vulnerability, which the only true strength in my opinion, to choose only one and stay loyal and committed even when that person is not around. It takes integrity, character and heart to make someone your only option, spiritually immature people keep their options open and look to see for signs of endearment, admiration and adoration from other people once in a relationship, it makes the weak feel strong.

They will keep these people close at hand and at any sign of a need to jump ship, they will already most likely have started their grooming process of the next victim, seducing them into an idea of soulmate relationship, a love of a lifetime. Long since shedding who they were in the previous partnership as it was all only a copy-cat facade, becoming more and more like the new supply. These types of people have very little personality of their own, it is more a soup of everyone they have ever known and "loved", including quirks, isms,

talents, traits and gifts they have semi-cultivated and gathered along the way in order to become like their victims, so they can present themselves as a soulmate, "the love of their lives", in order to sweep them off their feet. And the cycle of abuse and discarding continues, one very unfortunate person after the other.


When any sign of seduction presents itself to me now it unnerves me, I refuse to let myself get lost in someone else's seductive display and demeanor,

no matter how much in love I am, I have a hard time surrendering to seduction, as it has all too often been used as some game to derive a means, an agenda and deprive me of my vitality and lifeforce. Sexual energy is lifeforce,

lifeforce can be used for healing, for pleasure, connection and willingly shared, given away,consciously and in most cases, unconsciously or even stolen and as seduction and abuse of sexual energy is the greatest commodity in our modern world and popular culture and probably since the dawn of time as prostitution is the most ancient profession known to mankind, this is nothing new, as everyone wants sex, intimacy and we often mistake one for the other as they are interconnected. After too many encounters with the alluring seductress throughout my life, I get nauseous by seductive men and women and my spider senses start tingling with a mist of betrayal and dark agendas surrounding the seductive person.

What are they trying to obtain from me? It is always something they want.

Whether it is some sexual favor, simple admiration, adoration and for me to lust after them so they can feel desirable or in many cases, something they want me to buy from them, as we all know, sex sells and the art of seduction being greatly used as a means to sell any products from spiritual tools, to books,

to webinars, clothes, fragrances, movies, music and so on and so forth.

Sensuality, sexuality and seduction is a most viable commodity, also in the spiritual community. Seductive images with spiritual quotes and fancy spiritual lingo masking their true intent, or so they think at least, to the unsuspecting eye and gullible heart, their product sales increasing rapidly at the drop of a hat, or in most cases the sarong they bought in Bali on their latest tantric retreat.

WE live in an ocean of seduction daily, from the TV-commercials, programs,

music, movies and entertainment of all kind, to the daily facebook and instagram posts with highly suggestive and seductive imagery and posts.

And someone who can seduce you, is someone who can control you,

as once you are seduced, you have given up self-control and succumb to your own lust and deepest desires, you are now in the clutches of your seducer and your valet, your energy and life-force now at the hands of someone who knows how to use their sexuality and sensuality to get what they want.

- Ulf Haukenes


Reclining River Nymph at the Fountain: Lucas Cranach the Elder

Venus and Cupid: Tizian

© Ulf Haukenes 2018 ,all rights reserved,

all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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