Soul Alchemy - My Coagulation

Dear Soul family, clients and friends,

I am at a place in my journey that seems rather raw, fresh and treading new ground, breaking personal barriers and personal bests in my private life,

my book is almost done, my soul work almost ready to be released to the world and I feel confident in who I am, what I am delivering and the 10 years it took me to get to where I am today. 10 years after the spiritual awakening that scared me straight and put me on the straight and narrow path, doing Karma yoga to make up for the hardship I had imposed on others through my drug addiction.

I am no longer an addict, i no longer smoke 10 cigarettes a day or pop pills and all kinds of drug cocktails to sustain my need for connection.

That is all addiction really is, need for connection.

I can enjoy just about anything now without letting it consume me entirely,

as i am aligned and connected. i navigate life easier and I can live my life in a balanced way, thanks to the healing work I have done and the many,

many mentors that have helped me on the way here.

I didn't get here alone. I got here thanks to blood, sweat and tears,

deep bonds and love from my family and friends along the way and then there were teachers that showed up at just the right time, to help me elevate,

I could have scoffed them off with my ego, but I reveled in their teachings in the depths of my being and my heart connected deeply with them all and a part of them all lives on inside of me. Their words and presence.

To be blessed with such huge teachers as I have been is not many bestowed and I am well aware of the force of those who came before me,

which also lives within me, we attract what we are,

to help us become what we are meant to become.

Where you are right now, is exactly where you need to be. Whether it is lessons or blessings or a mix of both, You are in this very moment as part of who you are becoming. If you don't like who are becoming, change the script, change location, cast, whatever you need. You are the director of your life, you are the one navigating the challenges and the opportunities that arises, Nobody else.

Life happens to us and through us, sometimes we can't help but go through some traumatic experiences, But we can choose to let them make us kinder, softer and yet tougher at the same time as we learn to deal better with our own and others shit. Not everything makes sense as it transpires, but once it all settles and the dust clears we find treasures within the most hurtful events. Don't let life make you bitter, Become better. That is what the world needs more of, kind, loving people.

And the alchemy of life, has a tendency to make us softer,

eventually, we all face ourselves.

And in an instant, we are forever changed.

Alchemy, this process many of us find ourselves in consciously or unconsciously, is meant to polish us into better beings.

It is meant to create gold from the lead of our being.

The alchemists most profound tool in creating himself as a God/Co-Creator,

is his or her imaginative faculty. That partnered with a fully operational heart center that has been activated over and over through various stages of soul alchemy, creates what the alchemist needs to finish his great work and bring it back into the world.

This is the final stage of his alchemy.

His Coagulation.

The circle is complete.

Solve Et Coagula.

As Dennis William Hauck mentions in his Emerald Tablet, The tarot cards symbolizing Coagulation are paradoxical, the devil and the magician/hierophant, who is making his second appearance as Hermes Trismestigus in the process, earlier appeared during Fermentation and now in Coagulation. Together the Hierophant and the Devil stand for the opposing forces of light and darkness that come together in the higher marriage,

the marriage of heaven and hell, which produces the divine androgyne, or the stone. The Androgyne often showing as a boy, mercury, Symbolizes the joining of the opposites on all levels necessary at this stage.

"In this state of clarity, the alchemist knows exactly who he is, what he believes,

and what is going on within him at any given moment. The newly discovered presence from his coagulated being becomes a permanent stone, which he can rely on and touch any time he pleases."

He goes on to explain further in his book,

"Before the Coagulation occurs in a person, he or she can appear to be arrogant or self-involved because of their preoccupation with finding perfection and divinity within themselves. Afterwards, the exude a unique presence, a steady confidence in their daily activities, and others begin to see them as authentic and whole persons whom they want to emulate. People sense this higher presence and want to worship it, he says, which sometimes results in the quasi religious following of Balinas and Alexander the great. Modern examples are Ramana Maharishi and Parmahansa Yogananda, and mystics like George Gurdijeff, who have huge followings worldwide."

I am also experiencing all of this alchemy in alignment with the planets,

my Jupiter return is coming up and lots of Leo and sun energy directing me to take my place in the sun, to claim what is mine from the work i have done.

Rightfully earned and self-made, a story of victory, over my own demons,

over many addictions, over illness and mental illness.

Years of suffering, hard work and studying mysticism and alchemy,

psychology, herbs, energy healing modalities and anatomy.

Claiming my own health and happiness and offering others a chance to find theirs, through what is my great work, Holistic mental health.

I may be off the radar for a while as I love to go inwards during these shifts,

but I will be available for sessions and writing articles in the time to come,

but if you want to read my work, you will have to come to my website,

That is until I launch the book of course, also here in this space.

So stay tuned, for the fruits of my coagulation.

thank you for all the love and support over the years,

you all mean the world to me.

Much love, Ulf Haukenes

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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