Divine Masculine Awakening

Divine Masculine Awakening - The Love Of A Mature Man.

Divine masculine awakening does not do empty casual sex without feelings involved, It feels unfulfilling to us. We don't chase women as conquests to be made or have one night stands with women anymore as we know the energetic implications and repercussions are far too great to be able to enjoy it at all whatsoever. We may have tried to have sex with a close friend or someone we don't love and realized it was not what we wanted and are rather waiting for that one special woman to enter our lives. The divine masculine are in many ways overqualified as well and most women don't know how to read us or even feel us as they have yet to reach our spiritual level of awareness and so the divine masculine often goes unnoticed and overlooked or even feared as we fear what we do not understand. This culture of hook ups and meaningless flings by people afraid to be alone and have their beds get cold is unrelatable to us.

The divine masculine wants deep mental, emotional and spiritual connection with physical electricity surging in our bodies from sacred union. We are not relationship material, we are union men, no longer even longing to be seen by the feminine, but patiently waiting for a Goddess to enter our lives and create an empire founded in the deepest soul love. If the woman is not a match in all 5 energy bodies, starting with the mental body, emotional body, pain body, physical body and in spiritual energy, we feel no attraction enough to engage sexually and may even be unable to proceed physically due to no erection as we do not get turned on by simple physical attraction anymore. We need a full match to have our fires roaring within us and feel deep passion flowing in us.

The divine masculine is not like other men in any way, we do not need a woman to do feminine tasks for us as we embody the divine mother as much as the divine father. We only want a woman, we no longer need her and this can be frustrating to a female. She is no longer able to play games or use her sexuality to hook us in as we need the full connection which forces her to bring more to the table than a beautiful exterior and simple seduction techniques.

Being loved by a mature man is different. It changes any woman. A mature man won't blame you for feeling too much. A mature man won't hide his phone or make you insecure. A mature man won't lie, cheat or lead you on, a mature man communicates, he may leave if love is no longer served, But he will be honest. A mature man understands you have been hurt and is patient to understand how to help you heal yourself in your own time. A mature man sees your inner child and won't use it against you, But join it and play with you. A mature man will be accountable for the ways he fails to be present with you and work on himself to meet you better, He will also offer you accountability to negotiate compromise.

A mature man will improve all areas of your life, health, joy, laughter and finances. A mature man will appreciate you better as he have experienced wounded feminine and knows when he has found a good woman and you can be sure that he will show it. And love it. A mature man will show up for you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in ways you have never known before. A mature man loves to serve the feminine and to be present with her, as if everything they do is an act of the deepest, most passionate lovemaking. Doing her dishes, like it's her pussy. Cooking her dinner, From the heart. Rubbing her feet. Tend to her soul as much as her body. A mature man will love you better, A mature man knows the value of a good woman. If you find a mature man, Keep him. He will do whatever it takes just to keep you happy. - Ulf Haukenes

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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