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Sacred Union & Divine Partnership

Sacred Union & Divine Partnerships

Sacred union and Divine partnerships are the new templates for love and relationships being ushered in on planet earth at this time as the template has been brought in by the original twin flames. This means that deep, mystical, soul to soul connections and Divine love is now available to all who are ready to receive such love. But it does not come without a price as this level of connection comes with deep and profound alchemy either taking place prior or due to the encounter. Those twin flames who did not come together in union with their catalysts will be presented with new chances at finding deep connections with other soul alchemy candidates and be able to co-create divine union after all, As they are templated with this love, being the embodiment of the living blueprint for alchemy and sacred union. When being activated with this template there is no going back to the old temlates of love and relationships anymore. A profound and deep change has occurred on a soul level and the process of alchemy will forever shape the course of their lives, their expressions of love and relationships. This can at times be very lonely as few will be able to meet you in all that you are and those who have not yet been activated and templated will be by your presence and your sacred heart.

This may show up as resistance and turbulence in those you activate and not always bring a pending relationship to fruition. Often making connections short-lived due to the lack of spiritual stamina in the other. So releasing expectations of relationship in these soul to soul connections is of paramount importance. It helps us not get attached to the ideas of love and to keep our paths aligned from higher self and trusting the process to unfold in accordance with the divine plan. Keep loving deeply and keep showing up from your sacred heart and template those who show up in your path. Physical contact and sex is what templates the other as our consciousness, frequency and energy bodies hold the template for divine love and alchemical connection. Ushering in this new love consciousness and way of being through our embodiment all we need to be is true to who we are.

- Ulf Haukenes

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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