The Light Side Of Psychedelic Spirituality

The Light Side Of Psychedelic Spirituality

We live in a time of shamanic awakening on planet earth were the many will eventually at some point enter what we shamans and alchemists call a shamanic crisis, or in medical terms "mental crisis" or psychosis. As shamans, alchemists and energetic healers we call this a Kundalini Crisis, which can lead to Kundalini Syndrome, due to imbalance of nutrients and energy and fear based belief systems, especially religious beliefs stemming from the middle ages, such as demons, the devil and a God-Fearing condemning God with a capitol G.

Few have actually evolved spiritually since the dark ages and with the many religious and superstitious beliefs found under the firmament of human consciousness when they awaken to the great mystery and expand in consciousness find themselves lost and at many times even persecuted, crucified and condemned.

Left by the God they worshipped or even worse, condemned by the all father to walk in a living hell. I myself saw myself as being crucified and yet I am not a religious person, I then saw myself as the Devil himself and felt haunted and taunted by all of creation in the many humbling synchronicities directed at me by my higher self consciousness and source intelligence in an attempt to humble me and bring me out of my mind and into my heart.

At first I found myself lost, I lost my mind, my current identity as the person I once knew myself as, a party boy, a gangster hippie that used drugs daily, smoked weed and often took entheogens as a means to seek spirit and source intelligence and open my mind and experiment with my consciousness, years of experimenting and expanding my consciousness which eventually lead me to have a kundalini crisis. It was a time of great challenge and I was balancing on the razor's edge between life and death with one foot in each world for over a decade. I eventually tried to kill myself as a result of not being able to handle the immense energies from my kundalini awakening alongside the paranoia and delusions that came from my many fear based belief systems and being threatened on my life by one of my former gangster friends due to a quarrel and dramatic events where we both threatened each other on our lives. People were dying left and right in my circle at the time and I pulled out of this environment and for many years lead an agoraphobic life as a hermit fearing for my life.

I felt haunted by both man and God and was told by spirit that I would have to learn how to stand in my fear and live in a personal hell, as the path to my heaven, lead through the very hell on earth I had created for myself. It was time for me to be held accountable for my own consciousness, my own actions and at the center of my creations I saw the wheel of karma not spinning in my favor. I had to step out of this wheel and into a state of limbo, the void of creation, it was time for me to be reborn and to surrender to the process I found myself in.

I was put on endless psychotropic medications which only ruined my health further, yet seemed to balance my mind out somewhat, but not sufficiently enough that I saw it beneficial for my being and process so I quit the medications and started healing myself holistically as guided by my higher self, my warrior spirit if you will.

In the coming years I was extremely scared of both mild and strong hallucinogens and did not smoke cannabis for some years and every time I did, I would get very paranoid.

So I stayed away, until I one day was given the right strain by a friend who grew his own medicine and I would find my love for Cannabis to return and I used it to heal my brain and heal my auto immune disorder which I had gotten from the medication and my lifestyle of drug abuse and poor nutrient intake.

The Kundalini syndrome or psychosis if you will, had little to do with the Cannabis and the Entheogenic use I had partaken in, but more so to do with the lack of nutrient dense foods, exercise and the many fear based belief systems I held in my consciousness than anything else. Later as I shed more and more of these belief systems I found myself less and less afraid.

In the Netherlands, Psychedelic Truffles are legalized and in 2015, 2016 and 2018 I on 3 occasions decided to have a visit with the psychedelics once again under safe and legal circumstances and found myself amazed at how shamanic journeying felt without the fear of legal repercussions and without the framework of the illegal black market and it's criminal dark vibrations and violent structures, lead me to have a beautiful psychedelic journey through my own psyche and meanwhile nothing new was revealed to me in terms of visions and upgraded consciousness as I was used to back when I experimented heavily, I was shown by the entheogens that I was indeed DMT, I was psychedelic like the great shaman Terrence McKenna speaks about in his lectures. I had become shamanic enough to not need a visit with the entheogens anymore. There was nothing new for me there.

Except for one thing, I realized what I feared about the psychedelics was truly myself, it was my own fear I feared to face, my fear of losing my mind once again, my fear of mental illness and shamanic crisis. But I was now a master, I was not a master of the entheogen itself, but I was a master of myself, my own thoughts and feelings and could navigate the psychedelic experience like I was used to when I experimented often.

I had now regained the mastery of my own psyche and consciousness and I had used to alchemy to improve my own consciousness and in that improvement, I had now mastered my fear, my fear of losing my mind, my fear of death and the unknown in such a way I could lead a better life, a more open life as I had, with great help from the psychiatric evaluations and the medical community shunned and condemned the psychedelics for being the reasons behind my insanity. But as I write in my book Holistic Mental Health For The Golden Age it is the world that is insane and our popular culture that is the cancer to our mind, body and spirits, among it drug culture as the most damaging one. A pill for every ache and a drug for every music genre and alcohol destroying our homes and our society at large.

In my time I have found psychedelics to be something to respect and revere as keys to open doors of perception and to enter portals to a new and expanded version of myself, yet I have also found it to be something that is not taken as a means to party or take lightly without deep intentions to either heal or retrieve a lost aspect of self. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt how micro dosing can heal the mind of those who suffer mental imbalances and mood imbalances and addictions. There is great medicine in organic psychedelics as they contain a spirit that can be communed with, synthetic psychedelics is something of a different nature and though both LSD and DMT seems to produce "the spirit molecule" within our physical vessels, I find them both to not have an entity which can be communicated with and less manageable to control and they both demand a complete surrender to the psychedelic journey. I no longer discredit either for shamanic travelling, but I must say I do prefer to use the organic route, the entheogen, such as morning glory for microdosing to heal the mind and get creative or to commune with the mushroom spirit as was my favorite back in the day and stil to this day, would be my preference if I was to have a vision quest as I prefer to have an entity, a spirit to communicate with.

All power plants demand a sacrifice, even Cannabis, and if we do not come bearing gifts for the spirit of the power plant, we will be forced to give up something. Whether it is our sanity or our vitality, it can often be a too big price to pay for some.

Cannabis takes away vitality which is why we experience hunger when we have smoked or ingested Cannabis in large amounts,

the munchies are not as positive as they may be in your belief system, they are actually a direct result of you losing vital energy out of your sacral and root chakra, the Cannabis depletes the body of Jing energy, sexual energy or lifeforce if you will and it leads you to wanting to restore the energy.

I speak more about this in my video here.

It is up to each of us to decide for ourselves if this is a fair exchange or not and for many men this can lead to very depleted kidneys and livers where Jing energy is stored and also lead to erectile dysfunction and other signs of loss of Jing energy and vitality, such hair loss, grey hair and chronic lethargy.

So it is certainly something to consider for the male cannabis users out there, however there are certain plants and adaptogenic herbs, like Schizandra berries, Maca root, Ashwagandha and more, that can restore the Jing energy if you take a break from the Cannabis for some time, exercise, eat well and use these herbs your Jing levels can be optimized again.

And your vitality and lifespan increased once again.

We humans are like batteries and even more so like crystals.

Like batteries we can be filled up, emptied out, yet like crystals we can be programmed and reprogrammed and with this knowing we can navigate our human experience a lot better.

So in my conclusion, I believe power plants can be of great use to us, if we understand and respect them deeply and in my life now, there is no communion with even tobacco or coffee outside of ceremonial use, Cannabis on rare occasion, entheogens once every year as it is now unless I microdose for a short period of time for specific purposes to improve my life in any way.

We live in a time now where we are seeing legalization happen on plant medicine and power plants and my wish is that we increase both our understanding and respect for these plants and their use in the times to come. I believe the key to mental health lies in Cannabis and Mycelium, both medicinal and psychedelic mushrooms, as well as adaptogenic herbs and plant medicine as well. The future of healing is holistic and natural as well as energetic as science is more and more coming to terms with and in alignment with spirituality and energetics.

The future of healing and especially mental health looks bright and natural. I hope future generations will have a much easier shamanic awakening on a collective and global scale than my generation and the generations that came before me.

We need a complete revision of mental health practice, of psychiatric healing and understanding as we will see the entire planet undergo a shamanic awakening and crisis in the years to come and those of us who gone through the initiations first, will have to stand ready and prepared to guide those who come after , so it is up to us to both educate ourselves and understand our biology, physiology, anatomy and energetics to serve as best we can.​

The Dark Side Of Psychedelic Spirituality is covered in a previous article which you can read here.

Blessings of mental health and well being to you all.

Ulf Haukenes - The Soul Alchemist Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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