Kundalini Awakening - The Process

Kundalini Awakening, What is it? Why does it happen?

Kundalini Energy actually starts in the center of Gaia, in the heart of Gaia, where it moves up as one energy through Gaia's energy centers, into the soul star chakra below the feet, then it moves through the feet and up into the root chakra and into the sacral chakra where it splits off into duality, Masculine and Feminine Energy. Then it moves through the solar plexus and the manifestation chakra, the heart center, the dimensional chakra or higher heart, up into the throat chakra, third eye and crown chakra where it lights up the persons consciousness. When we experience a Kundalini Awakening this universal lifeforce energy starts to move up the spine through the energy centers known as chakras, which are the energy centers of the major organs and glandsm also known as the endocrine system.

The physical, emotional and mental health of the person will dictate the course of the kundalini awakening and determine whether or not the person in question has a successful kundalini awakening or an awakening resulting in kundalini syndrome, otherwise known in the medical community as a psychosis. A psychosis is nothing more than a shamanic crisis, due to a fear based belief system, often fear surrounding mental illness or religious beliefs resulting in demonic-like experiences and manifestations due to an over active imaginative faculty.

We will always experience what we believe, so if a person has a deep rooted belief system filled with dark age mentality, they will most likely manifest a very dark reality and hellish kundalini awakening process. I myself had such an awakening over a decade ago, as I had a lot of fearful people around me as well as being paranoid at the time and no spiritually equipped personell to guide me through what was simply a spiritual awakening.

Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening:

We start sensing, seeing and feeling energy, growing extrasensory perception, seeing orbs of light within peripheral vision, light flashes, feeling hot/cold, sweating, prickly and tingly sensations, a pulsing sensation throughout the body, tracers/after images from objects and people, seeing auras and energy frequencies. very warm hands and feet. Flushes of energy running throughout the body from toes through feet up to crown and head to toe.

Emotional exaltation, extreme polarities of moving through the spectrum of emotions, from euphoria to depression as if your emotions are completely out of control. This is due to your endocrine system balancing and acclimating to the intense energy moving through your energy bodies.

As you shift in vibration and move up in dimensions, you will experience a loss of sense of self as compared to who you used to be and who you are becoming. You no longer resonate with the people and friends you used to resonate with as they are on another bandwidth all together and small-talk, gossip, slander and trivial mundane conversations no longer satiate your consciousness and you feel a need to withdraw from the drama.

A need to cocoon and hermit builds up in you where you feel a need to isolate yourself, so you can understand yourself, recreate yourself, find who you are free of matrix programming, find your path in life and understand your new perception of reality. You now experience an ego death where the illusion of what you once knew as real, falls apart and leaves you in fear about how to deal with the material world as everyone around you is still in illusion.

You start to experience an urge to use the source creative energy and be creative, making art, expressing yourself, exercising, cooking food, decorating your sanctuary, wanting to use the imaginative faculty to create your reality and bring your dreams to fruition, finding your soul purpose and utilizing your latent talents, gifts and traits. We create our own reality with our imagination, this is the universe giving us a sign to start creating more both literally and figuratively.

A dark night of the soul is a natural part of awakening, like a snake shedding it's old skin and becoming new. In alchemy we call this the nigredo state, where we are called to go inwards for answers rather than seek answers outside of ourselves.

It triggers the ego destruction as our old ways of relating to ourselves and the world no longer works.

But as our consciousness changes we become more in tune with our own energy and the energy of the planet and the universe.

We become in alignment with the lunar, solar, stellar and planetary alignments and cosmic alchemy.

As the Kundalini moves through our energy bodies, we experience a heightening of our senses known as clairsentience which are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairalience, clairgustance, claircognizance. You start experience alignment with the mystical realms, such as synchronicity, signs and symbols from the divine intelligence which become hard to ignore. You start to experience prophetic dreams, visions knowing things without even knowing how you know them.

You start to channel divine intelligence and your higher self consciousness in such a way you simply speak divine truth without even knowing how you came to this knowing. This is how the prophets came to being. They were simply in alignment with divine truth. You start seeing people for who they truly are, their true intentions, their hidden agendas and hidden selves. It can be hard to see how your so called friends may not have your best interests at heart, their jealousy is shown in their energy, their envy and ill intent becomes clear as day and we may wish to move away from what we once knew as our circle of friends and allies. We start to choose better people for ourselves and our paths, people more aligned with who we are becoming rather than who we once were.

The flow of energy that moves through you may be overwhelming and cause anxiety and even panic attacks. As you become more aligned with the now creating the new, your brain will resist and try to pull you into the former, past and future thinking out of fear of loss. Grounding exercises, such as walking in nature to move the energy will help you balance yourself. Grounding foods, exercise, meditation, energy work, making love and cuddling, sleeping, showering and breath work is very beneficial to your awakening and moving the stuck energy can be of utmost use to you during this time. Allowing panic to take a hold of you might enduce a kundalini syndrome or psychosis, so be ,mindful of your own energy and try to let go of fear. An exalted state of concsiousness with high euphoria may make you seem very unstable to the people around you. If you have the faculties to explain to them what is going on with you, it will certainly help them to somewhat understand what you are going through, but unless they themselves have had a spiritual awakening there is only so much of your explanation they will be able to take in and digest as we can only understand that which we have experienced.

Once you are awakened to your true self you will experience elation and a natural high unlike any stimulant you have ever taken part in, as the endocrine system is flooding your body with natural highs from hormones flowing through your system from your glands. Many experience a sweet secretion from the the ceiling of their mouth, known as Manna or Ambrosia, which is the divine nectar of immortality, if you experience this secretion DO NOT SPIT IT OUT!! Swallow this rejuvenating, regenerating nectar of the Gods as it will heal you of disease, prolong your lifespan and make your organs younger, your brain sharper and cells spark with life. This is the holy grail, the food of the Gods the alchemists of ancient time went in search of, this is the result of spiritual evolution, the fountain of youth.

When you come to this stage in your kundalini awakening you have reached a level of spiritual evolution and maturity most spiritual seekers search their entire life for and it comes as a result of great work, a high level of spiritual accountability and immense level of self care and understanding of the organs and glands and feeding your body precious herbs, nutrients, exercise, spiritual practices and it is adviced to keep doing what you did in order to achieve these features of spiritual attainment. You have been anointed and ordained by the divine and you are now a spiritual beacon, an activated and self realized Avatar of Christ or Krishna Consciousness. Congratulations on a spiritual process well conducted.

If you need help with your kundalini awakening, experienceding a kundalini crisis, psychosis or hardship of any kind, feel free to contact me for my years of experience in this process both personally and with thousands of clients since 2013 through my energy healing sessions both in person and online. I have been both trained by higher self intelligence, source as well as many great energy workers and spiritual coaches of the Global spiritual community in order to serve my clients with the highest quality energy work and coaching.

My sessions are tailored to your specific needs as no person's needs are the same and my years of experience will serve you in the most professional manner as I have assisted many beings in moving into their true self and divine blueprint with what I have called the living blueprint of alchemy, which is my soul work and blueprint for healing services, as a soul. Blessings to you on your spiritual awakening path. Much love, Ulf Haukenes of White Wolf Alchemy

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2020,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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