Just Breathe

We sit together just breathing. Sharing energy. Her energy moves into my crown. My energy moves into her root. It travels through us, up the spine and down the front. In and out. Like an infinity symbol between us. I lose the sense of self. I feel everything. Yet I feel like I am becoming nothing. The lines are blurred and I am not sure where I end and she begins.

I surrender into this loss of self and through my breath a perfect whisper of union leads me to trust this innate knowing that there is no I, no her, only we. In this moment I feel completely at one with her. No fear of loss of love. No fear of loss of life. No fear of loss of identity. I don't care who or what I am, I just know I am home. At one with the one that touches my core, my soul and ignites my heart into celestial expansion.

Here I am tripping on the rim of my own sanity without care without abandon, submerged in this love. This union. This unity of two souls like two suns bound to collide and when we finally touch it will be a supersun or a supernova felt throughout all of cosmos and jolt the space time continuum and create rifts and portals for us and others to step through and find something new.

When we finally crash into one another like waves upon the shoreline, wave upon wave of energetic bliss and sheer pure ecstasy flooding our bodies until the tsunami hits and pulls us out into the ocean of energy and if I were to drown in her, if I were to disappear. If I were to be swallowed whole. And enter the void never to return to this place. So be it, it would all have been worth it, because in this moment, in this kiss, I am nothing, dissolved, yet I am everything that ever was and I have never felt closer to God. To a man, God is a woman. Her. Just her... My God, what a woman.

- Ulf Haukenes

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