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Most all of us have read about and seen countless videos about the law of attraction,

since the secret came out both in book and video format nearly 2 decades ago,

yet many of us still have a hard time working with the law of attraction and manifesting our desires and even aligning with our true destiny from our divine blueprint.

Everyone is born with a certain divine blueprint, within this blueprint is all their talents,

gifts, traits and latent abilities from all "incarnations" throughout the multiverse.

But as a result of programming and being crammed into a format and box heavily indoctrinated and removed from our very own true self, we find ourselves lost,

we find ourselves sick and tired, we find ourselves addicted and abused and searching for our true self and our dreams, many have even given up on their dreams or searching for something better and complacent and subdued by society, settled for anything but what they truly wish to live out and live in. They live a consistent nightmare that keeps them from experiencing their hearts desires, their most profound mystical experiences of life and seeing dreams become reality, they are lost in the matrix of the synthetic world we as shamans and dreamweavers know as "The Dream Of The World".

Manifesting our destiny is so much more than vision boards, visualizations and feeling like we already have it, it is about our unified field, our energy bodies and yes, it is about our imaginative faculty, the more blockages we have in our energy bodies, the harder it is going to be to manifest our destiny, the more addictions we have, the farther we are from living in our blueprint and being aligned with our destiny. These are some of the many reasons why so many are not able to manifest destiny or use the law of attraction.

Their intent is weak, their will is weak and most of all their energy is blocked.

This is why so many of the people who come to us to clean their energy, align their chakras and strengthen their unified field through our sessions manifest their dream job or dream partner or level up in some way shape or form, that is if they are willing to truly commit to the work we offer them. We have seen literal miracles happen with both their healing, with their sacred unions, with their work and with their living arrangements all depending on where the focus was for their leveling up and manifestations.

Our energy work and coaching sessions all focus on the removal of everything that is not you, the patterns, the programs, ideologies, belief systems and cultural implants that you have taken on as your own throughout your life and we assist you in returning to your divine blueprint so that you can become aligned from within to co-create the life you were meant to live, a life you love. WE offer you exactly what has worked for us and what we have used to perform alchemy within our own lives and how we both manifested our dreams, how we manifested one another, our life together and even how we manifest clients and experiences we wish to have together.

If you want to book a session with us to get to the next level in your life,

Develop Empowering Tools and Retrieve your latent talents and traits,

you can schedule appointments with us here: Divine Blueprint Activation!!

Do you want to be the best you that you can be?

Want to be the best partner you can be?

Fall in love with who you are, what you have to offer in life, everything you bring to the table and know that no matter who comes and goes, you will never feel lost or feel alone again, because first and foremost you got you and you will never let yourself down ever again...You will never settle for less than you deserve.

You will never do anything in half measures ever again.

It begins with the Hieros Gamos, the alchemical wedding, merging our masculine and feminine energy within and becoming the hermaphrodite. Hermes and Aphrodite joined within. Our mental and emotional states of consciousness come together to produce a unified being.

And from this unified field, reparenting the inner child and becoming the alchemical child.

Child like and free, nurtured and disciplined, safe and protected by our own divine parents.

This is the alchemy of true self that produces authenticity and a fearless state where we dare to be all that we were meant to be.

This is the true enlightenment,

that puts us in direct connection with higher self and source intelligence where we can orchestrate our life in accordance with our divine blueprint.

This how we will change the world. When everyone will be and do exactly who and what they were meant to be by divine design.

There is no greater spiritual quest than that of the true self.

There is no greater reward than that of the true self.

There is no greater feeling than to become the parents you wish you had growing up.

There is no better life than to live in child like wonder of the world again with the childhood you always wish you had. No longer being your own worst enemy.

No longer sabotaging your life from an unconscious pattern.

There is no greater freedom.

If you want this kind of freedom

and you are ready to stop hurting yourself and the people who try to love you and give your all and commit to yourself and your gifts.

Write us and ask about how we may be able to assist you as we would love to assist you in becoming who you were meant to be.

Let us not forget the increasingly popular manifestation tool known as "Sex MAgick",

countless books have been written about this way of using our bodies as altars for creating magick in our lives and whenever there are two people connected in heart, imagination and soul energy manifesting with their orgasms, their manifestations become increasingly potent and this is one of our personal favorite manifestation tools.

Not to say that we don't use our altar, with candles and elemental magick, writing it into existence, creating vision boards and using runes and sometimes sigils for magick and co-creation, we do all of that as well. Yet as far as we have experienced, truly being present with one another and our imaginative faculty in an act of sacred love making, manifesting as one with source creative energy, which is what sexual energy truly is,

is something that has created miracles on our lives as we came together.

Within a matter of 6 months we had manifested so much that we kept on going and within a matter of a year we had manifested everything we set out to manifest a year ago.

Every last thing. One thing that is important to understand is the dimensional buffer between the fifth dimensional reality and third dimensional reality, it is a matter of density and the fact that time as we know it, is a matrix construct, so if you don't see your manifestations manifest instantly, don't lose hope, they may still be on their way into your existence, so give it some time and be patient. Your belief in your own co-creator capacity and manifestation skills are of utmost importance when you are about to create the reality you wish to experience. your vibrational alignment with what you wish to manifest also plays a part as I have mentioned above, so it is a good idea to find someone you trust to work with your energy and help remove blockages and clear your energy so that you can stay aligned from within and read the signs and swim in the mystical experience of the life of a magician without fear and without distorted beliefs about yourself, about life and about creation and creating.

We will dive deeper into how we manifested our dreams, one another and keep manifesting our union and co-creation in a special designed Class for those who wish to learn more of the tricks and tools we use daily and you can sign up for this class here: MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP

Starts on Sun Nov 15, 2020 FOR ONLY $44

We look forward to seeing YOU there and may all your wishes come true.


Ulf & Mary of white wolf alchemy

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